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Top Ten Ways of Becoming a Better Academic Freelance Writer

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There are many different ways in order to become a good, or better yet, an outstanding academic writer. It is not a career suitable for everyone. One might say that it is field that requires special skills and capabilities which most people will not be capable of doing. There are, however, certain aspects of our characters which we can enhance to become better academic writers. There are also certain factors and tools that can be used in order to aid ourselves in becoming better writers.

First thing to learn is patience. A writer must learn to be patient finding the material and research necessary in putting his paper or article together. Initially, academic writer can be really tough. Finding necessary materials will be challenging. However, as you work on more and more projects, researching will become surprisingly easy. You will just realize that collecting the materials is simply a breeze that passes you by so easily. Practice, practice and more practice. The more you work, the better trained you are as an academic writer.

Secondly, it is important to have discipline. Writers, particularly, online writers, tend to procrastinate. Why? An online, academic writer writes at the comfort of his own home. There will be times when an academic writer will try to work elsewhere for a change of scene. However, working outside your comfort zone will be more distracting than beneficial. It is best to work at home though working from home tends to make writers lazy, trying to find the mood to write and dilly-dallying until the last hour. One of the many ways to prevent this is by keeping a chart where you can always see it so you will always be reminded of your deadlines.

Work on your typing speed! That will be the third thing to do. Writing is bliss when you have the luxury of having your fingers fly over the keyboard, keeping track of your thoughts. There is nothing more annoying than losing the gist of your thoughts due to typing inaccuracy. Imagine yourself in the groove to have your ideas take over but your fingers can’t keep up. You end up feeling frustrated and realize you keep losing track of the things you were planning to write.

Fourthly, it will be a good idea to sign up for several database and libraries. You need to keep your resources open and you can’t have too many resources. There will always be times when certain topics could be very challenging to find and you will probably have to utilize all your resources before you eventually find it.

The fifth thing you have to do is learn citation styles. Academic writing requires plenty of citation styles, depending on the customer. As customers originate from different Universities, countries and culture, different citations will also be required. It is best to familiarize yourself with these citation styles and try to keep a copy of the guidelines for future reference.

Sixth method will be to edit and proof-read your own work. It is better to submit your work in the best form in order to minimize revisions. Revisions can be inconvenient if they have to be done on the night that you were planning to be free. It will be better to try to make your work as perfect as you possibly could prior to submitting in order to save yourself and everyone else, any further inconvenience.

Seventh, keep your integrity intact. It is not just about honesty per se, but about doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Let your work be your pride, and satisfaction and fulfillment will always be your reward. Never plagiarize. Keep your pride in the work that you do.

Eighth, accept challenging jobs and broaden your horizon. The best part of academic writing is the part wherein you grow as a person with every project. Every project means more knowledge that you can draw on personally.

Ninth, work with a good dissertation writing company (all of them are listed according to their essay reputation score at EssayDirectory). Always make sure that you are working with a company. Doing so will ensure that your work will be justly rewarded.

Lastly, enjoy what you do. Academic writing can be draining and exhausting at times. But remember to continuously appreciate all the knowledge you get from your work. Grow with the job. Academic is not a no-brainer job. This will continue to intellectually challenge you and you must learn to thrive on the challenge.

The Status of Research in Academic Writing


The most essential part of academic writing is conducting a research. Research in relation to academic writing is considered as a process of investigating into the sources of the respective topic given and studying the same so that various facts can be established and we can ultimately reach the conclusion. Research is the most difficult part of academic writing where the writer should show utmost care. The new ideas and facts generated by conducting rigorous research into a particular topic are utilized for completing the content efficiently.

The Process of Research

Analyzing a topic is not a child’s play no matter which field it is linked with, be it finance, management, science or literature. A thorough research upon the topic helps us in getting rid of this issue as research helps us widening our knowledge base upon a particular topic that helps us projecting a better discussion on it. A writer obtains numerous new ideas and research helps him in doing so. There are various hidden facts that can only be highlighted with the help of a full-fledged research and to enhance the credibility of the discussion. In this context, a professional writer needs proper tools to calculate the lenght of his/her research paper in order to provide the best experience to their clients.

With so many privileges extended by researching to a writer it can be regarded as the fore most task that every writer is required to perform before initiating his work. But on the other hand conducting a research takes a lot of effort and patience and it is not that easy to perform. It is the most difficult part of an academic writing process and also the most essential part. Carrying on a research upon a particular topic is like discovering new facts and solving a difficult sum, a writer studies the facts thoroughly and other related matters that will bring out new ideas, that will be beneficial for the writer to project a clear image regarding the topic he is researching upon. Conducting a research is a lengthy process; it takes a lot of time, patience and dedication to conduct a research properly. It does not end with discovering the facts and generating the required knowledge, a proper presentation of the facts obtain by conducting the research is also included in its ambit.

Research is an integral part of the writing process it continues with the writing. Throughout the writing a writer continues his research. it is an art and a writer should be quite accustomed with it, it is not easy to start a research, a person conducting a research will be quite aware about it, it is a very difficult tusk because it requires an in depth knowledge to carry out a research and a person doing it should know how to start it, how to run it and of course the most important, how to end and present it. A writer may face a problem regarding conducting a research as it is a difficult job to arrange the requirements of a research work, so from that point of view conducting a research can be regarded as a challenge for a writer to overcome.


Research in academic writing contributes a lot in the content developed by an academic writer; the point which is more important is developing a habit of carrying on a research properly. Research is the main part for developing a content. Along with writing skills a writer needs to require proper knowledge and efficiency to conduct a research upon a topic on which he is going to present a discussion. He is required to be very careful and serious regarding the way to continue a research. So to conclude it can be considered that research is the most technical and difficult part of a writing process and it should be dealt with due care and dedication.

There Is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research

Research is the process of seeking information. It is usually a study based on a certain hypothesis with the findings expected to conform to the hypothesis. The probability that research can be perfect remains unknown. While some people believe that there is a possibility of doing perfect research, others do not. I also believe that perfect research is not possible as research mostly focuses on creating new ideas from existing discoveries. If these discoveries were perfect, then further research would not be necessary. A research outcome often depends on the interpretation and expectations of the observer. As a result, attaining perfection in any research process is difficult (Wyrick 142). My aim is of writing this paper is to rule out the fallacy that research can be perfect.

I begin by highlighting the importance of research to humanity. I focus on research in modern medicine and technology. I go on to discuss various factors hindering perfect research. I figure out methodologies, equipments and the researchers themselves as the main factors. In the third section, I give examples of research studies whose findings are controversial. I look at the research on sweet eating habits of children in the U.S and the medical benefits of tangerine. I conclude by emphasizing on the need to go on with research.

Although no perfect research has been in existence, it is a fact that research continues to play a significant role in peoples lives. Research has domineered in all fields and is, in fact, the key factor driving humanity. Research plays a vital role in medicine. Through research, medicines for initially deadly diseases are now available. As a result, human beings are living better quality lives.

Research facilitates technological growth. Technology owes its growth to continuous research. The development of super fast computers, social networks and other communication related facilities, all owe their origin to research. Research has also made it possible to explore space. In short, I conclusively say that research is plays a highly significant role in making the quality of life better.

Methodologies and equipments used in research. Various methodologies have their own limitations, and this lowers the effectiveness of research. Different equipments perform different procedures in an experiment. Unless properly used, the equipments are in most cases the main causes of errors in experiments. These errors translate into the results and finally conclusions (Goodman 171). This weakens the possibility of attaining perfect research.

Researchers are not perfect themselves. Researchers are human beings, and human beings are not perfect. They, therefore, make mistakes. The mistakes may arise from the study design, the method of data sampling and data analysis. Sweet eating habits by children in the US. Researchers from Louisiana State University conducted a study on the confectionery intake by children around the US. The study, done in 24 hours, aimed at finding out the effects of sweets on children’s health.1 They found out that those children who ate chocolate regularly markedly reduced their chances of getting obese. The research has since received a lot of criticism from other scientists arguing that; it did not account for other factors such as time and balanced diet (Pearson,

Medical health benefits of Tangerine. This is another controversial research done at the Western Ontario University. The study, focusing on mice, aimed at finding the potential medical health benefits of Nobiletin.2 The findings showed that the chemical could cure cancer. Other researchers have since disputed the research as non conclusive and relying on assumptions. This ultimately calls for more research and adds to the fact that, research can not be perfect (Lawrence,

It is true we may not have perfect research; nevertheless, there are always valuable things we can learn from any research. Despite the imperfections in research, we can no longer ignore the importance of research. Therefore, scientists should carry on with research as the findings are particularly useful in everyday life.


1. The research was also to find the effects of confectioneries on the children’s body weight. It found out that those children who ate a lot of confectioneries were relatively heavier than those who did not.

2. For the purpose of this paper, Nobiletin refers to a chemical substance found in Tangerine believed to cure cancer.

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Example Research and Model Academic Paper Services as a Means to Help Students Become Better Learners

American High Schools, in many cases, have failed students. Though 95 percent of incoming college freshman graduated high school with a B- average or better they arrive unprepared for the rigors of university coursework, a particularly problematic aspect of which is the inability to perform basic research. (United States Census Bureau).

According to current projections only a little more than one third of full time freshman entering four-year institutions this year will walk at their respective May commencements with the graduating Class of 2016, and about half will even have anything, save for mounting student loan debt, to show for their work after six years of college. One in three freshman “need to take some sort of remedial or developmental course, a class in the basics of reading, English or math covering material they should have learned in high school,.” (Spak) (Alliance for Excellent Education)

The means of redress for academic deficits, remediation does not confront the postsecondary research and paper writing process as such. Moreover, the facility to execute a study lies beyond the scope of a student’s proficiency in specific academic disciplines. The skills of effective enquiry and analysis – the fundamentals of sound research, are a separate field of study unto itself with specific practices and mores. Without these rudimentary competences, success is bound to elude an incoming postsecondary student irrespective of his or her knowledge of a particular course material, as the application thereof by way of rigorous inquiry is the means by which said knowledge is evaluated at the university level.

Example research and model academic paper services can serve as a working model from which the client, a student can observe and assess how the conceptual framework of a given research modality is specifically implemented and thusly do a comparative analysis so as to evaluate the effectiveness or lack thereof in his or her own research project. A student who has not otherwise been introduced to the pedagogy of research can see meticulous enquiry for one’s self via the application of an analytical methodology to evidence amassed through relevant methods of data collection. “What is important about disciplined inquiry is that its data, arguments, and reasoning be capable of withstanding careful scrutiny by another member of the scientific community.” (Shulman 1988 in Punch)

Therefore, if provided with the actual inquiry or subject area to be explored for said assignment, the service can indeed show the client a tangible example of a rigorous study evincing the import of “disciplined enquiry and the fit between the component parts of a research project.” (Punch) The client may then use the example paper as a modus operandi from which to revise his or her own approach “Whilst research is often viewed as a linear series of separate steps…research is cyclical, can be entered at almost any point; is a never-ending process; will cause you to reconsider your practice; and will return you to a different starting place.” (Hughes; Tight)

Akin to the professor who displays a word problem on the whiteboard or outlines the basic precepts of subject matter by way of power point presentation, example research and its concomitant paper is in effect a demonstration tool, inasmuch as the client can examine those steps upon which the writer embarked so as to likewise implement a similar approach to his or her research assignments heretofore. While the philosophies and precepts of qualitative v. quantitative research, or reading an entire MLA Sourcebook are often tedious and overwrought -- especially if a student need take a prescriptive approach i.e. get his or her assignment done -- seeing the necessary basics thereof tangibly applied to one’s subject area can arm the client with a basic competency; one they can then expound and improve upon for his or herself, thus rendering the student more a responsive and therefore superior learner.

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